Rabu, 01 Juni 2016

My Holyday

I spent the holidays at grandma's house,
taste is a bit mainstream but I love playing at grandma's house because I can meet my grandmother and many other brothers, and my Grandma's house used as destinations like homecoming for my brothers,and there I play with my old friend

we spent time playing football, playing games, and a lot of craziness that we do during the day and we play firecrackers at night.
and the part I like best is when playing football, because there must be things funny things that happen starting from my friend who fell because he forgot to tie his shoelaces, I took the ball passed between the two legs, the face of my friend hit the ball very hard up to nosebleed even my friend who head against the crossbar to the bumps and at night we play firecrackers in the street until we get yelled at by someone walking at the sound of firecrackers so hard, but we ignore what is being said by the person and we continued playing firecrackers up tired and we decided to go home and rest and will continue the craze-madness on tomorrow, that's what I like staying at grandma's house.

Education For Better Future

in my opinion, education for a better future is education that favors the formation of character, for the formation of character is very important for the young people who will determine the fate of this world kedepannya.tetapi subjects of education is also very important because knowledge is power can build a better future.
if the younger generation has the knowledge and in the crutch by personality or character himself is good then the future will come will be better

and I think the collaboration between the government and the private sector in the work program of education for the future better then the destination is in want will be very easy to achieve, because all the people involved and take part to achieve a brighter future.

Minggu, 22 Mei 2016



Apakah kusalah 
For thinking out the box from where I stay?
Jika caraku berpikir beda dari lingkungan sekitarku?
Am I wrong 
Apakah kusalah 
For saying that I'll choose another way?
Jika kubilang kan kupilih cara lain?
I ain't trying to do what everybody else doing
Aku tak mau lakukan yang semua orang lakukan
Just cause everybody doing what they all do
Hanya karena semua orang lakukan itu semua
If one thing I know, how far would I grow?
Jika ada satu hal kutahu, seberapa jauh aku kan tumbuh?
I'm walking down this road of mine
Kan kususuri jalanku ini
This road that I call home
Jalan yang kusebut rumah ini

So am I wrong 
Jadi, apakah kusalah 
For thinking that we could be something for real?
Jika berpikir kita bisa benar-benar jadi sesuatu?
Now am I wrong 
Kini apakah kusalah 
For trying to reach the things that I can't see?
Jika berusaha menggapai hal-hal yang tak bisa kulihat?
But that's just how I feel 
Tapi begitulah perasaanku
That's just how I feel
Begitulah perasaanku
That's just how I feel 
Begitulah perasaanku
Trying to reach the things that I can't see
Berusaha menggapai hal-hal yang tak bisa kulihat

Am I tripping for having ambition?
Apakah kusalah jika punya ambisi?
My prediction; I'mma be on the top of the world
Prediksiku; aku kan berada di puncak dunia
Hope you, hope you don't look back
Kuharap, kuharap kau tak menoleh
Always do what you decide
Selalu lakukan yang kau putuskan
Don't let them control your life
Jangan biarkan mereka mengendalikan hidupmu
That's just how I feel
Begitulah perasaanku
Fight for yours and don't let go 
Perjuangkanlah hidupmu dan jangan menyerah
Don't let them compare you, no
Jangan biarkan mereka membandingkanmu
Don't worry, you're not alone, 
Jangan kuatir, kau tak sendiri, 
That's just how we feel
Begitulah perasaan kita

Back to II

If you tell me I'm wrong, wrong
Jika kau bilang aku salah, salah
I don't wanna be right, right
Aku tak ingin benar, benar
If you tell me I'm wrong, wrong
Jika kau bilang aku salah, salah
I don't wanna be right
Aku tak mau benar, benar

Back to II (2x)

In my opinion :
This song is a song that really inspired me to be myself and achieve what I aspire without having to be glued to what others are saying

you can listen to the song here:

source : http://terjemah-lirik-lagu-barat.blogspot.co.id/2014/07/am-i-wrong-nico.html

Selasa, 10 Mei 2016

Kampung NAGAwir

Yesterday 9 April 2016,

I was with my classmates went to the temple Cangkuang in Garut and Dragon village or kampung Nagawir in Tasik Malaya there are even teachers who come to assist us

we departed from the school at 7:00 to go to the temple Cangkuang, at 08.00 we stopped to refuel the car and our bodies, after we think enough, we continued our journey, at the moment in our journey singing and there are some who sleep, I sat with my friend Rafif, during my trip to Rafif playing a guessing who made us laugh and finally at 09.00 we reached the temple Cangkuang, prior to the location we had to use a raft because it is located across the river, after crossing the river we reached the village pulo there were only six houses and one mosque and should not be more than that and also one house only for a head of household, after passing through the village of pulo then we reached the temple Cangkuang arrival we were greeted warmly by a guard Cangkuang temple and we get a story tengtang pulo village and temple Cangkuang, after that we went into the temple museum Cangkuang, oh yes, there is a prayer that no singles, having finished with our museum Area photographed temple

after completion of the temple Cangkuang, I and my classmates hang out in a place that sells ice coconut and chat-chat a bit before continuing the journey, after all gather us, melajutkan trip, prior to the hometown of the dragon, we stopped first at the restaurant Racik Sunda to eat and prayer, after which we continue to dragon villages, a trip to the dragon village long enough for pejalanan of Garut to Tasik Malaya, many of my friends who sleep on the bus, when you reach the village of the dragon we have to go down 439 stairs, lives in the village of Naga still traditional look of such a roof made of palm fiber and no electricity oh yes, there were only 113 buildings.

after completion of the dragon village we traveled back to school pretty exhausting return trip and make the most of my friends sleep on the bus, and finally we got home safely

Kamis, 14 April 2016

Eksternal Learning To Museum Geologi !

Thursday (21/6) Social Class SMAN 3 Bandung go to the Museum of Geology to conduct external studies. Geological Museum is located at Jalan Diponegoro,
We went there at 9:00 Some students go there by car school, but most of the boys riding their bikes. I went separately from my friends,
When I arrived there, I was separated from my friends, so I have to find them. I look for them in a room where there are many fossils of dinosaurs, but I did not find them. So, I was looking in the other room, and found them. When I met them, suddenly Mr. Priyadi, our geography teacher told him he should go back to school, because there are guests who wanted to meet him. He said that if we are bored, we could leave and go home and we said yes!
But, after Mr. Priyadi go, we did not come home, we still go around there, see a lot of interesting things. In Geology Museum we see a lot of different types of agate, fossils of ancient creatures, and also learn about the structure of the earth.

I think, the most interesting in learning this external is currently before leaving all my friends are very enthusiastic and spirit, but when it arrived at the museum geology shortly everything Mersa bored and wanted to go home because there are no more lessons in school except for cross-interest in German

Jumat, 04 Desember 2015


Hi guys!

In this post, I want to tell you about a place in Bandung.
This about my holiday together with my friends on a few months ago.
at first my friend invited me to go to the temple that is in Cicalengka, I think really there in the temple as the temple of Borobudur, it turns out that only a high cliff, but it does not matter.
  after we climbed the cliff, we saw a very beautiful scenery and impressed me to the atmosphere of the place, by the way at the bottom of the cliff there was a small bike rental place and there is plenty of food and beverage vendors there


     a few weeks ago, I was with a teacher and a friend of my classmates make a visit to DUFAN. ECONOMIC to perform tasks, we were given the task to interview visitors who come to DUFAN.
     we went to DUFAN. at 06:30 use the buses, I sit next to my companion named Companion Adi Kusuma, during the journey I chatted with Adi.

before up in DUFAN. we stopped at a rest area on the highway for 30 minutes after that we went on a trip to DUFAN., before we get DUFAN. We stopped by the GSA (arena ocean Atlantis) at 09:00, we play in the GSA until 12:00.

     after completion in the GSA we went directly to DUFAN. mampi without stopping again, after arriving at DUFAN. I went to McD's for lunch, after lunch I was with my friends do an interview to one of the visitors, after the interview I played rides in DUFAN. up to 18.00, after that we went to the parking lot where our buses in the parking lot, before entering into the bus we had a chat with the seller of laser lights, we are negotiating about the price of laser lights being offered (though we only bid alone, will not buy it) .After have cool to negotiate, we got into the bus and travel home safely, we arrived at Bandung 11:00 
    after exiting the bus, I tried to call my dad to pick me up at school, after I try many times and finally connected, and it turns out my father was beside me, and I finally return home safely.