Rabu, 01 Juni 2016

My Holyday

I spent the holidays at grandma's house,
taste is a bit mainstream but I love playing at grandma's house because I can meet my grandmother and many other brothers, and my Grandma's house used as destinations like homecoming for my brothers,and there I play with my old friend

we spent time playing football, playing games, and a lot of craziness that we do during the day and we play firecrackers at night.
and the part I like best is when playing football, because there must be things funny things that happen starting from my friend who fell because he forgot to tie his shoelaces, I took the ball passed between the two legs, the face of my friend hit the ball very hard up to nosebleed even my friend who head against the crossbar to the bumps and at night we play firecrackers in the street until we get yelled at by someone walking at the sound of firecrackers so hard, but we ignore what is being said by the person and we continued playing firecrackers up tired and we decided to go home and rest and will continue the craze-madness on tomorrow, that's what I like staying at grandma's house.

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