Jumat, 04 Desember 2015


Hi guys!

In this post, I want to tell you about a place in Bandung.
This about my holiday together with my friends on a few months ago.
at first my friend invited me to go to the temple that is in Cicalengka, I think really there in the temple as the temple of Borobudur, it turns out that only a high cliff, but it does not matter.
  after we climbed the cliff, we saw a very beautiful scenery and impressed me to the atmosphere of the place, by the way at the bottom of the cliff there was a small bike rental place and there is plenty of food and beverage vendors there


     a few weeks ago, I was with a teacher and a friend of my classmates make a visit to DUFAN. ECONOMIC to perform tasks, we were given the task to interview visitors who come to DUFAN.
     we went to DUFAN. at 06:30 use the buses, I sit next to my companion named Companion Adi Kusuma, during the journey I chatted with Adi.

before up in DUFAN. we stopped at a rest area on the highway for 30 minutes after that we went on a trip to DUFAN., before we get DUFAN. We stopped by the GSA (arena ocean Atlantis) at 09:00, we play in the GSA until 12:00.

     after completion in the GSA we went directly to DUFAN. mampi without stopping again, after arriving at DUFAN. I went to McD's for lunch, after lunch I was with my friends do an interview to one of the visitors, after the interview I played rides in DUFAN. up to 18.00, after that we went to the parking lot where our buses in the parking lot, before entering into the bus we had a chat with the seller of laser lights, we are negotiating about the price of laser lights being offered (though we only bid alone, will not buy it) .After have cool to negotiate, we got into the bus and travel home safely, we arrived at Bandung 11:00 
    after exiting the bus, I tried to call my dad to pick me up at school, after I try many times and finally connected, and it turns out my father was beside me, and I finally return home safely.


Gamarvani is the annual cultural festival of SMAN 3 Bandung. Every year they have a new organization structure and also new theme that'll make this event become a better event every year.
Gamarvani means a journey to the moon. Gamarvani was taken from Sanksakerta words, "Gama" and "Parvani". Gamarvani is a story about a story Nyai Anteh the moon watchlady.
There will be a lot of artists and guest stars in this event! Like Adera and Hivi whom almost every teenagers love. Besides the popular artists, there will also  be  performances by some extracurricular in SMAN 3 Bandung, like KPA 3 that will perform an angklung show, MK that will  show us the beauty of classical music, and many more!

Now, you can get your ticket on Jl. Kalimantan. There will be a ticket counter across the second school gate.
So, what are you waiting for? Let's get the ticket and join us in Lapang Bali on 19 September 2015!

My Friend !

I want to introduce my new friend. His name is
Muhammad Rafif Priambodo, but you can call He "Rafif". Some people think that "Priambodo" means stupid, but it doesn't. It means strong, not stupid. And by the way this name was given by his grandfather.
  He was born in Bandung on June 13 2000. He was born at Advent Hospital.
He live in Pondok Mutiara Indah Street number 8, it's located in Cimahi. He live with His family which there are 6 persons. He have 3 siblings, 1 older brother and 2 younger sisters. he older brother goes to the same school like he, SMAN 3 Bandung.
His favourite subject in the senior highschool is economics, because He think it's very interesting. It's always updated everyday, He can get a new knowledge and we don't just read a book for this subject, but He also have to know how is the situation out there. He can get that information by watching or reading some news.
He hobbies are playing guitar, watching Youtube (He really like this one), sleeping, and playing games which He think He parents don't like it.
He favourite person is Prophet Muhammad. As a Muslim, He think we have to admit that he is our favourite person, for everything that he has done for us so today we can live peacefuly.
Oh yeah, He said that He very like watching videos on Youtube before. Besides watching videos, He also making some videos, you can check them out by clicking this. He make the videos with His friends, He made a band named FAR, but He haven't made any single video again since last year. SO SAD.