Jumat, 04 Desember 2015


     a few weeks ago, I was with a teacher and a friend of my classmates make a visit to DUFAN. ECONOMIC to perform tasks, we were given the task to interview visitors who come to DUFAN.
     we went to DUFAN. at 06:30 use the buses, I sit next to my companion named Companion Adi Kusuma, during the journey I chatted with Adi.

before up in DUFAN. we stopped at a rest area on the highway for 30 minutes after that we went on a trip to DUFAN., before we get DUFAN. We stopped by the GSA (arena ocean Atlantis) at 09:00, we play in the GSA until 12:00.

     after completion in the GSA we went directly to DUFAN. mampi without stopping again, after arriving at DUFAN. I went to McD's for lunch, after lunch I was with my friends do an interview to one of the visitors, after the interview I played rides in DUFAN. up to 18.00, after that we went to the parking lot where our buses in the parking lot, before entering into the bus we had a chat with the seller of laser lights, we are negotiating about the price of laser lights being offered (though we only bid alone, will not buy it) .After have cool to negotiate, we got into the bus and travel home safely, we arrived at Bandung 11:00 
    after exiting the bus, I tried to call my dad to pick me up at school, after I try many times and finally connected, and it turns out my father was beside me, and I finally return home safely.

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