Selasa, 10 Mei 2016

Kampung NAGAwir

Yesterday 9 April 2016,

I was with my classmates went to the temple Cangkuang in Garut and Dragon village or kampung Nagawir in Tasik Malaya there are even teachers who come to assist us

we departed from the school at 7:00 to go to the temple Cangkuang, at 08.00 we stopped to refuel the car and our bodies, after we think enough, we continued our journey, at the moment in our journey singing and there are some who sleep, I sat with my friend Rafif, during my trip to Rafif playing a guessing who made us laugh and finally at 09.00 we reached the temple Cangkuang, prior to the location we had to use a raft because it is located across the river, after crossing the river we reached the village pulo there were only six houses and one mosque and should not be more than that and also one house only for a head of household, after passing through the village of pulo then we reached the temple Cangkuang arrival we were greeted warmly by a guard Cangkuang temple and we get a story tengtang pulo village and temple Cangkuang, after that we went into the temple museum Cangkuang, oh yes, there is a prayer that no singles, having finished with our museum Area photographed temple

after completion of the temple Cangkuang, I and my classmates hang out in a place that sells ice coconut and chat-chat a bit before continuing the journey, after all gather us, melajutkan trip, prior to the hometown of the dragon, we stopped first at the restaurant Racik Sunda to eat and prayer, after which we continue to dragon villages, a trip to the dragon village long enough for pejalanan of Garut to Tasik Malaya, many of my friends who sleep on the bus, when you reach the village of the dragon we have to go down 439 stairs, lives in the village of Naga still traditional look of such a roof made of palm fiber and no electricity oh yes, there were only 113 buildings.

after completion of the dragon village we traveled back to school pretty exhausting return trip and make the most of my friends sleep on the bus, and finally we got home safely

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