Kamis, 14 April 2016

Eksternal Learning To Museum Geologi !

Thursday (21/6) Social Class SMAN 3 Bandung go to the Museum of Geology to conduct external studies. Geological Museum is located at Jalan Diponegoro,
We went there at 9:00 Some students go there by car school, but most of the boys riding their bikes. I went separately from my friends,
When I arrived there, I was separated from my friends, so I have to find them. I look for them in a room where there are many fossils of dinosaurs, but I did not find them. So, I was looking in the other room, and found them. When I met them, suddenly Mr. Priyadi, our geography teacher told him he should go back to school, because there are guests who wanted to meet him. He said that if we are bored, we could leave and go home and we said yes!
But, after Mr. Priyadi go, we did not come home, we still go around there, see a lot of interesting things. In Geology Museum we see a lot of different types of agate, fossils of ancient creatures, and also learn about the structure of the earth.

I think, the most interesting in learning this external is currently before leaving all my friends are very enthusiastic and spirit, but when it arrived at the museum geology shortly everything Mersa bored and wanted to go home because there are no more lessons in school except for cross-interest in German

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